“Life” we all think about it at some point of our existence…about its meaning, what we’re meant to do with it in the first place, where ours are going and what not. Lots of people spend there entire lives trying to figure it out -the big secret, the deep hidden meaning, I don’t claim to be a learned, all knowing philosopher…not at seventeen but I think they’re searching in the wrong place’s completely. It isn’t all that complex, deep or hidden. It’s as ludicrously simple as it can get and you need to have a Childs imagination and sense of wonder to get it, not the dispassionate, lofty perspective of an intellectual.

Because that’s what life is about isn’t it?

About the people you knew when you were seven and the one’s you’ll know when you are seventy.

The way you feel so strongly and passionately about the mundane when you are young and young at heart and the way you can look back and laugh at things that at one point felt like the end of the world. About people, places, things that made you who you are and incidents that change your life forever. About whose life you touch when you’re alive and who touches yours. About people you may remember on your deathbed and people who remember you on theirs.

About place’s that still feel like home, even if you haven’t been there for ages and sights you shall never forget, about forgotten dreams that come back to you and thoughts and feelings that somehow feel unlost at the right time.

About your first love, your best friend, the first person to hold your hand but more about your last love, which is what you truly never let go off.

About nights like these spent wondering where the rest of your life was going and scribblings in your diary at 2 am. About childhood memories of nights under the stars, teenage memories of talking silently on the phone and getting caught and spending hours

Laughing with your friends to sitting on the front steps of your veranda with your spouse when you’re old knowing you both have lives well spent.

Life’s about the memories you make while you’re in it, about moments snatched and locked in your heart forever, about always having your eyes on the future, living in the present, but never – ever – ever letting go of the past.


May you have a good one.


5 thoughts on “Life.

  1. Ninaaaaa ! This is beautiful. Really. However much I may claim to be like you, or wish that i was like you, i can never write like this. really. 🙂

    • We’re the same in a lot of way’s, except you have a lot more modesty then anyone i know =) ! . you might be better at writing, but knowing you, you’d never admit it baani bains =) ! .

  2. As one-half of your dedicated blog readership,I think i should take this opportunity to tell you how much i love your blog(Although less of life and more of cool gadgets in the blog would also not hurt)……..
    How much i love the blog and how much more i love the person who wrote it…….
    Nice article,btw but one on Google vs Apple vs Microsoft should also help in increasing the hits……
    Cheers,love and Blessings……

    • haha, “one half” of my readership are you ? . Thanks a lot shashank =) , I’m going to work on google Vs Apple vs Microsoft as soon as possible, i promise 😉 ! .
      Nicholas Cage =P

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