Goodbye and Good Riddance !

So did i mention i deactivated my Facebook account a week ago..only to still log into it everyday, from someone else’s account?  Did I also mention I have the biggest exams of my life coming closer everyday and I haven’t even started preparing for them yet. Did I mention that when I get miserable marks in them, I’m going to end up as a good for nothing in a good for nothing college! I’m quite surprised at my own level of procrastination right now, amazed really …so amazed that im going to do something about it!

I will update this blog more often only when I’m in a good college with more interesting thing’s to talk about..rather then updating it for the next three months everyday and then have the most miserable things to write about for the next three years.

I’ll probably not be able to stay off and be back tomorrow.

But for now, with the best of intentions for myself…good bye zilch and good riddance.. I’ll get back to you someday.


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