Where Nothing Happens.

I don’t want to be here anymore

another time, another place

exists inside of me

all there in my head

it doesn’t bustle with activity

it is still

still like an early foggy morning

when you can stand and hear nothing

but the hollowness inside of you

and in other people’s minds and hearts

but there no people there,

people- those i can do without

there is just me

me-fog-park benches- and rain.

no noise, no disruption

like the black and white static on a spoilt TV

which everyone sees but no one has any names for

a world of black and white

like a still photograph

of times and people we can only dream off.

and i shall stand still

not walk, not move

and listen to the music of my soul

my rhythm

the voice i have ignored for so long

the one that was shunned aside,

so i could listen to the voices of others

the voice’s they should have kept to themselves,

i shall love myself myself again,

the way i have loved others at my own expense

there shall be no thinking either

no thoughts to mar the plain canvas

disturb the stillness within and around me

just plain-beautiful-stillness

do not confuse stillness with hollowness though,

there’s a big difference

as big as the difference between this world and mine.

nothing to evade, no commitments

along with the schools, parks and roads

the calender is empty too

But there is a certain sadness about it

like the sadness in holding another persons hand-

maybe now, maybe later-

at one point you have to leave, let go.

i dont want to be here anymore

another time,  another place

exists inside of me

still.  silent.  waiting.

I had once read about poems that are always inside a poet and he just has to put them on paper. They season and mature and change within you, without you even having to think about them. With the pen and notebook in his/her hand, the poet shall know exactly what to write when the time is right. This poem proved to me that this was true. I have never had a more productive maths period before.


4 thoughts on “Where Nothing Happens.

  1. Dodo………..Who else will be reading your blog a day b4 his Comp class 12th Board Exams
    and here i was thinking,while writing this comment ,that we are Telepathetic………

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