What I Know Now.

This comic strip has had me thinking for quite while ever since I read it. To put an end to it, I’m giving myself half an hour to make a list of what I’ve learnt till now. Making lists come easy, but this one is a first. Here goes-

  • If you want to be loved, give love. If you want more friends, be friendly. If you want more money, provide more value. It really is this simple.
  •  If you’re going to do something ‘someday’, you’re never going to do it.
  • It is okay to be angry.  It is never okay to be cruel.
  • Clean up your own mess. Literally and figuratively
  • Give yourself a break at times. Sleeping in on a Sunday is sometimes just as important as the rest of the stuff on your to-do list.
  • Explore the world but start from your own garden.
  • Keep a diary. You never know when the 19 year old version of you needs the 9 year old version to put her back on track.
  • Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.
  • Be nice. Period.
  • But sometimes, you’re just going to have to learn to be mean either for your own sake or for others. Regardless of what self help books or men of god say- some people will only listen to condescension not kindness.
  • Defend those who are absent or those who can’t stand up for themselves. At some point or the other you’re going to need someone to do the same for you too.
  • Never rush through your childhood in your hurry to grow up.
  • Your mother is mostly like an older version of you. Tell her the truth when you’re not in class and at a friend’s house. She probably already knows.
  • Don’t wear your raincoat in the shower- never close off from the world around you, learn something every chance you get.
  • If you don’t give yourself importance no one else will.
  • It’s not about getting everything you want, it’s about wanting everything you’ve got.
  • You will make mistakes; it will feel like the end of the world but a year later you’ll be laughing at what you did and how you felt about it then.
  • Forgive people, everyone from the person who pushed you on the metro to the friend who took an action without thinking of its effect. Even if you don’t do it for them, do it for yourself.
  • Forgive yourself- for mistakes done in the past, present and the ones you will make in the future.
  • Nobody cares what clothes you’re wearing or what your hair looks like, if they do they’re not worth much of your time.
  • Ask for what you want. Even if it makes you feel like a fool for two seconds, if you don’t you’re a fool for a life time.
  • To break the rules, you must know them first.
  • Drink more water. How you get dehydrated every summer without fail makes for a funny story, but it’s not funny when you’re going through it.
  • There is such a thing as luck and good karma might just be another name for it. Might. But it can only take you so far.
  • Enjoy your body, use it every way you can…don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.
  • It’s ok to form opinions on some people, as long as they’re your own opinions, not someone else’s and provided they can be changed by the person themselves.
  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
  • To travel is better than to arrive.
  • If you’re wrong, say sorry and mean it. The sooner, the better.
  • The internet is the internet. It doesn’t matter if you’re angry of crazily depressed, never write anything on it which you’re not willing to stand by or will regret later. There is no eraser here, most times.
  • Create. Whether you do it through words, paper, dance…doesn’t matter. Put something out there in the world that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for you.
  • Do less- I spent to long trying to do too much, I think I still am. Life is not a checklist, I am not a machine
  • Playing dumb can actually get you out of a lot of difficult issues (probably not great advice, but its true!)
  • You were only given this life because you’re strong enough to live it
  • You’re work won’t take care of you when you’re sick. Your friends and parents will. Decide what you’d give more importance too.
  • When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
  •  If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.
  • You don’t get chances, you take them
  • Having a thousand credentials on the wall will not make you a decent human being, genuinely helping people even in the smallest of ways will.
  • Sometimes, regardless of what people tell you, you just have to break down and cry. It doesn’t mean you’re unhappy, it doesn’t mean you’re weak. You’re human.
  • Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.
  • In order to be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
  • Thanking people is important. Whether you’re 9 or 90, giving thank you cards feels great and the expression on people face when they get the cards is even more priceless.
  • If you don’t respect someone else’s books, don’t borrow them.
  • Bad roads make for better memories.
  • Always use Spellcheck. Never trust Spellcheck completely.
Half the point of this post is to get others thinking too. Feel like I’ve missed out anything, life taught you differently in some situations? Make your own list or tell me some of your points =).

18 thoughts on “What I Know Now.

  1. //Listen to people, pay attention to what you read but go home and do your own research.//

    What is research but listening to people and paying attention to what one reads?

  2. Thanks Nina for this amazing list…..I loved every single one but my fav ones were these 5:
    1)Create. Whether you do it through words, paper, dance…doesn’t matter. Put something out there in the world that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for you.
    2)In order to be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
    3)Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.
    4)To travel is better than to arrive.
    5)You don’t get chances, you take them.
    Keep up the good work,happy blogging!;)
    Sparky Laurie

    • you’re welcome AND thank you =).
      I agree with all(since it’s a list I made, I better) but these five are some of my favorites too. The mother one is on top though.

  3. You get better with every post muffin.
    I needed this check list more than anything right now. Thank you, love.

  4. This is an awful lot of wisdom from someone whom I believe is quite young. The 54-year-old me has seen a lot… I had to laugh at the “never wear your raincoat in the shower.” I knew what you meant, it’s just that I’ve always told my daughter’s friends, when getting their boyfriends to use condoms, “Just tell them, ‘No raincoat, no shower!'” So you can see why I laughed. Plus, my daughter came out of the closet, and we had to go through THAT whole road of safer sex… honestly!! Thanks for a great read! Amy

    • Thank you so much.
      Two completely opposite ways to see one piece of advice. I couldn’t have thought of it that way but with you saying that I find it hilarious.

  5. I like this post. Would you mind if I do something similar on my blog?


    P.S. My blog is returning. Thank you for the love. 🙂

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