‘Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.‘ – Orhan Pamuk

The perfect company for moments in which you just want to sulk…..The perfect company for any moment actually.

This was post dengue, collar bone broken, no energy, low enthusiasm, anti-people phase. One part of the year I’d rather not have back. The picture though is one of this years best.

I have a constant source of comfort in college, when people become too complicated to handle. Her name’s Shiela, a stray who lives on campus but is one of the most spoilt brats I’ve ever seen, she has a 100 different students swooning over her all day. Jealous? well, I am. It’s unbelievable the amount she’s grown in a year. See for yourself –
 My dog at home- Magic, a 9 year old dalamation who never stopped being a puppy  ‘andifistartwritingabouthimIshallneverstop’ is the undeniable puppy love of my life, but she comes close.
Look at the picture of her as a puppy, how could she not?


5 thoughts on “DogTalk.

  1. Nina, I had no idea you had been through so much. Dengue is a bitch and a half; I lived in Puerto Rico for a couple of years and it was a constant worry.

    I’ve only had cats for years (apartment dweller, and American apts. are usually “cats only”) but was raised with dogs and cats. The story of the “neighborhood dog” is so sweet, I can understand why that pup is spoiled! I mean, there for you when you needed him, right? Sign of a truly good soul in a pooch. Peace, Amy

    • It seemed like a lot when the phase was on but now it just seems like its ages away. More a hard phase for my mother since all i did was sit in bed through it.
      Cats are just as good companions, I used to believe it wasn’t possible but an adorable litter of kittens I met this year proved me wrong. Thanks for reading =)

    • haha, yes…you got it right.
      The picture was right after she finished the food that was put for 5 puppies after he chased them away and came back to me for more.

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