Exam Fever, Literally.

If you haven’t guessed already, It’s that time of the year again- Exams. My favorite excuse for everything. Down with a temperature so have taken today off to sit at home and stare at my books rather than my lecturers face and then a broken down auditorium stage and I actually have to make myself cups of  chai and coffee rather than have the option to run to the hostel canteen or the hundred other places on campus for it. I hope I get better for that sole reason. Everyone around me is in pre-exam trauma. Most people(including me) have just finished buying all the books we’re supposed to study this year.   Sadly enough ever since I’ve taken English Literature as my honors course I don’t know how to tell everyone else who texts me telling me how nervous they are or how we’re all going to die trying to prepare for these papers- I actually enjoy studying. I admit I may not do that great, given how my preparation is going but I like reading books and calling something that enjoyable  studying. I am still sticking to some of my exam preparation measures from school though- My Facebook badge directly to the right of this post isn’t there anymore because I’ve de-activated that (the twitter widget  below that will show I’m wasting just as much time as before just on a different social networking site).

I’m acting all calm and composed now but this is how I’m going to be one day before my exams-

A big fat great Indian wedding in the family that has just gotten over, plenty of drama in the drama rehearsal space, friends in town for their vacations,  vacations being planned in my head, campus craziness and a whole ton of really interesting people – there has been plenty that has happened to keep me busy just before the exams, so I will have plenty to write after. Not to forget Yogesh, one of my friends who’s working on his own website has made a template for my blog and I think it’s pretty brilliant. That will be put later! Can’t really wait.

 I remember the blog post last year called The Company I have Over For Tea .  This year is so much better(and tougher). Here are the people who i’m spending this week/month/year with –

This is going to be fun =)!
Back soon.


2 thoughts on “Exam Fever, Literally.

  1. I wish I was half as happy as you are about spending time with the books.
    Though, your happiness is an inspiration.

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