Found: A scanner, a letter and a few words to go with that.

Long gap between posts, as usual.
I’m not sorry about this fact because if I get less time to write, it means I’m actually doing more things I can write about later.
I discovered  an old, unused scanner while cleaning up the library today morning. The joy in this discovery didn’t lie in finding that it still worked but in finding old pages/letters/photographs that I wanted to scan that ensued this discovery. I love how  inconsequential notes or scribblings in my diary at turn into such precious keepsakes for me with the passing of time. There is one letter I found, tucked away in a Ruskin Bond Omnibus, that still means as much to me now as it did when I received it. In happiness (no, it isn’t to strong a word) of finding that the scanner worked and in reminding myself of who I used to be and who I’d like to become through pieces of paper, I thought I’d put it up here.

There was an article titled ‘I Want To Be Ruskin Bond’ I had written when I was just out of school (If you haven’t read it and would like to do so, you can read it HERE).  I’ve resisted the urge to edit it when I read it now, there are a lot of places in which I can see corrections are needed. That being said, given I got the letter that I’ve put up a the beginning of this article in reply to it and that too on the day of my 18th birthday(Thank you Ma!) there is no other piece of writing that has meant more to me.

What he’s written and the fact that he took the time out to write a reply to the ramblings of a 17-year-old girl  made a lot of difference to how I behaved in certain situations when I entered college, still does. Modesty, especially from people who have every reason to be high-headed is the quality I have come to admire most. Sadly, it is the one quality I seem to find the most scarcity of. I don’t really know how to explain how I felt after reading this, but I do no know it made me feel even more strongly about what I wrote.

I want to be Ruskin Bond.
And though I wrote this before wanting to be as good a writer,  I say this now because I want to be as good a person.

Alright, Exams-books-My break’s over.

Good night.


7 thoughts on “Found: A scanner, a letter and a few words to go with that.

  1. i’m always over whelmed somewhere, everytime i visit your page, read your words, i have no contribution to your brilliance nina and i have no clue why you make me feel so proud of you 🙂 damn i remember the assignment we did on ruskin bond in school 😀 my god he wrote to you ! in his own handwriting, right there, “dear nina sud” ….wow….you have a beautiful mind nina and everyone must know you, everyone, now that the whole world’s a stage, i deeply wish for your success….ah the online comment posting facilities 😛 can’t imagine telling you all that when you are sitting next to me 😀 here’s to many more such moments nina 🙂 i love you madly 🙂 always 🙂

  2. I love your blog 🙂
    Checked it after a long time.

    And you know what, I remember you tell me about this letter. Finally I get to see it. 😀

  3. This makes me so jealous! I have always loved him as an author, reading him is like talking to a friend. I see that letter and my heart says- “Wow! Why don’t I have that?”. What a lovely person he is and what an honest letter it would have been on your part to merit a reply from the living legend himself. This blog goes to my follow list.

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